Houjun Liu


AIBridge is an introductory AI bootcamp developed and taught by Prof. Xin Liu, yours truly, and Samuel Ren in collaboration with AIFS.

AIBRidge Notes

  • Pause [more] to allow some time to see if people follow
  • did y’all not introduce pandas?

Closest to doing this without try/except:

  • slide 49: what is conc?
  • is this too much recap time? Haven’t we been recapping for a long while already?
  • probably good to mention what is /content/iris.data, also, just opening from ./iris.data should work and will be probably more ergonomic
  • read function confusion
    • .read() => str
    • .readlines() => [str]
    • the pauses feel a tad ackward?
    • speak up!
  • SSE squares and lines need to be darker: increase opacity 39
  • “very common metric” — not a metric
  • motivate confidence value better; the “middle” question makes sense
  • I think its actually probably good to explain cross-entropy in the future
    • (i.e. its not a lot of fancy math + I think it provides a lot of intuition w.r.t. one-hot encoding, probablitiy distributions, etc.)
  • Problem with how I made the old slides: multi-Class classification (1va, ava, etc.) needs better motivation before, otherwise throwing three classes on the screen is a tad confusing
  • motivate that the whole random.seed business is so that the whole class can compare answers more effectively
  • LogReg = LogisticRegression(), typically, name instance variables as lower snake case; so maybe call it my_log_reg or something