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The purpose of AIBridge is to bridge the gap between computer science and other disciplines. To many, working with AI might seem like an unreachable objective. However, in reality, one week is enough to get started. AIBridge will provide basic programming capability in Python and knowledge of object-oriented programming as well as the concepts behind machine learning and how to implement it using a popular toolbox, Scikit-Learn. Students work to complete a personally-defined project using techniques in AI, with data from their own research or with problems supplied by the Course. This one week course will be hosted in-person at UC Davis and will target mainly undergraduate and non-technical graduate students.

The course is taught by Prof. Xin Liu in collaboration with Houjun “Jack” Liu, Samuel Ren, and Albara¬†Ah¬†Ramli.

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DONE Day 1: Python Basics

On Monday, 06/27/2022, we covered the basics of Python so that we are all up to speed to perform basic ML with the Scikit Learn toolkit.

Day 1 feedback survey: Link

DONE Day 2: OOP + Linear Models

Today, we are going to cover the basic intuition and terminology behind Object Oriented Programming, as well as introduce two simple, linear approaches to Machine Learning tasks: linear regression and logistic regression.

Day 2 feedback survey: Link

DONE Day 3: Data + Classifier

Today, we are going to cover data cleaning, and three more classifiers!

Day 3 feedback survey: Link

DONE Day 4: Operations and Clustering

Today, we are going to work on the validation operations tools, and talk about clustering

Day 4 feedback survey: Link

Day 5: Closing Thoughts

Today, we are going to tie some loose ends with missing data, error analysis, semi supervised learning, cross validation, and ethics.

  • Closing thoughts lecture (morning): Slides

Final Project: AIBridge Final Project

Day 5/Bootcamp feedback survey: Link