Houjun Liu

AIBridge Packages and Tools

This is usually not needed if you are using Google Colab. If you are following the instructions provided during our lecture series, please disregard this page.

However, students have expressed interest in working with their own system’s copy of Jupyter or local installation. We therefore provide a set of very tenuous instructions for installing the tools used in our session using vanilla C-Python (i.e. not anaconda/conda/miniconda.)


Our tools target Python 3.8+. Use your system’s package manager to install Python at least version 3.8, or use Python Foundation’s universal installers.


Python sometimes ships pip, its packaging utility separately. Refer to your own distribution’s installation instructions if none of pip or pip3 or python -m pip or python -m pip.

Once your copy of pip has been identified, let’s move on to…

Installing Packages

Here are the packages we will need for our sessions:

  • scikit-learn
  • pandas
  • numpy

Along with its respective dependencies. Here’s a one-liner:

python3 -m pip install scikit-learn pandas numpy

Good luck!