Houjun Liu

Antonsson 2021

# ntj

DOI: 10.3389/fnagi.2020.607449


oral lexical retrieval works better than qualitative narrative analysis to classify dementia; and semantic fluency + Disfluency features chucked on an SVM returns pretty good results.


Tried two different assays of measuring linguistic ability: oral lexical retrieval metrics, and qualitative discourse features analysis of speech.

Notable Methods

  • Subjects divided into three groups

    • Great cog. decline
    • Impaired but stable
    • Healthy controls
  • Administered BNT and SVF tests as baseline

Key Figs

Table 3

This figure tells us that the percentages of unrelated utterances was a statistically significant metric to figure differences between the three experimental groups.

(CD, CS, HC: cognitive decline, cognitively stable (but declining normally), healthy control)

(no other items are bolded)

Table 4

This figure tells us the disfluency features analyzed. None of them were independently statistically significant.

Table 5

This figure tells us that analyzing Semantic Verbal Fluency, plus the information of disfluency, trained on an SVM, actually shows >90% recall value?

New Concepts