Houjun Liu

atoms as qubits

You can use atoms as many different types of qubits.

manipulating physical qubits

To make physical qubits go to different states, we will again use something in the ancillary states. Rotating it to \(z\) — leverage one lazer to make it fall; \(rx\), \(ry\), we leverage combinations of two light.

various qubit implementations

Implementations of physical qubits

CompanyGoogle, IBM, RigettiIonQ, HoneywellAtom Computing, QuEra
CalibrationIndividual calibrationNaturally calibratedNaturally calibrated
Coherence TimeShortLongLong
ConnectivityAdjacent connectivityAll-to-allMore than adjacent
ScalabilityCompatible with existing techNot easily scalablePotentially scalable
SpeedFast gatesKinda fastUntested

possible uses for qubits

Here are some possible uses for physical qubits

  • Traveling salesman
  • Research + simulations
  • Cryptography