Houjun Liu

civil rights movement

civil rights movement starting

civil rights moment was kicked off by the Rosa Parks incident, which caused the Montomery Bus Boycott.

Martin Luther King capitalized the incident to kick start civil rights movement. He employed the method of nonviolence movement.

educational integration in the civil rights movement

service integration in the civil rights movement

Lunch counter boycotts. Nashville became the first desegregated lunch counter.


SNICK is a student organization founded by Ella Baker in the civil rights movement that sent students into the most dangerous areas of segregation and leading protests.

Motown Records

Motown Records is an African-American owned Detroit record business

Malcom X

A civil rights movement activist, calling for more violent forms of protest and prosecuting specific white actions. Malcom X and Martin Luther King contradicted each other in methods of active persecution vs. nonviolent integration.

Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday was a voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery. Peaceful protesters were attacked with nightsticks and tear gas. The event was widely televised: transforming the movement as a televised morality play.

Nonviolence helps getting the clergy leaders as a form of leveraging religion in a show of unity.

Black Power Movement

A new chapter in the civil rights movement which incorporated less of the elements of integration but instead in wanted more sense of self-determination. nonviolence movement, which the Black Power Movement overrided, had ran its course when Martin Luther King was assassinated.