Houjun Liu

LLM for Teacher Feedback

Qualitative Changes in Teaching via LLMs

  • no clear sign that there are qualitative changes via GPT
  • no clear catering to students

important questions

  • how to treanslate training into practice?
  • how to cater to student needs?
  • what to do with flawed assessments?

Teacher Training

Conventional Teacher Coaching

  • not scalable, requires observation, and will give feedback
  • not data driven, not adaptive—expertise is hard

AI powered coaching

  • provide data-driven reflection opportunities
  • can be personalized
  • but not personalized with a human connection

Automated NLP Feedback

  • talk time measurements
  • reflection opportunities, NLP measurements, etc.

GPT wasn’t good at evaluating teachers

  • GPT is gaslighting the teachers—rewording the existing work, so no novelty
  • GPT is fairly faithful, the information is relevant, and

Punitive vs. Restorative Classroom Management

Classroom Management

  • reducing use of exclusionary discipline
  • improve classroom management to prevent escalation
  • teachers feel stressed + under-prepared


“sit down now” vs. “do you need a break”

Classroom Management with a Roberta

  • working well to predict whether or not an action is punitive
  • correlations are strong against teacher’s and students’ perceptions of the class

Male teachers practice less punitive behavior management than female teachers.

Generating Student Feedback

How do we support “growth mindset”. For instance, “just try harder!!!!” is not growth mindset.

GMSL Framework

  1. emphatic validation
  2. reapproaisal of affect
  3. seeking to understand
  4. position as collaboration
  5. provide hope for change
  6. use autonomy supportive language