Houjun Liu

Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR)

FDR is an American president.

  • FDR and Teddy Roosevelt is
  • Got Polio, which played in his favor => press agree to not photograph him when he was in a wheelchair
  • Created the New Deal

Models himself after his cousin Teddy Roosevelt, and believed that charisma and moral leadership work. “Above all, try something… let the court shoot it if need to.”

He was able to gain single party control, wh.

Created Fireside Chats.

His wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, was very controversial.

legacy of FDR

  • Never spent enough to end the depression
  • Expanded government regulation, government size, and social welfare
  • Modernization of presidency: sets agenda, initiates legislation
  • Realigned the democratic party (created the progressive democrats)
  • Maintained democracy <=== compared to Authoritarianism