Houjun Liu


Imperialism: a policy of extending a country’s power and influence though diplomacy or military force.

  1. Colonies
  2. Protectorate — nations has own government legally controlled by outside power
  3. Sphere of influence

U.S. Imperialism, why?

  1. “Desire for Military strength”: for a nation to be an international player, you have to have a strong navy
  2. “Thirst for new markets”: if we continue to expand, we will have more economic power
  3. “Belief in supernatural superiority”: trust that own culture is better

Alaska — “Seward’s Ice Box”, purchased from czarist Russia.

Hawaii — Annexed 1898, a sugar company, to get around import taxes, asked the US to annex Hawaii.

Spanish-American War —- newspaper receive letter sent by Spanish minister to not protect Cuba. The US then proceeded to fight for the territories.

Filipino rejected treaty of Paris, America fights. America burned food and crops to starve rebels, and built infrastructure earning elite support due to infrastructure.