Houjun Liu


Welcome to the personal site of Houjun “Jack” Liu.

I’m on the blaggosphere as u/jemoka and @jemoka.

Who’s this guy?

I am a human interested in linguistic analysis, L2 learning, and user interfaces. AGI & Emacs are cool. I run Shabang, do do research in NLP and education, and am working for TalkBank on the intersection between speech and language. I’m currently doing my undergrad at Stanford, where I write some code for Stanza, a NLP package for many human languages, and a rover that we are sending to Antarctica.

Need to catch me? Email me at [email protected]. Please do email me, I actually check.

Recent Projects

Take a look at my GitHub profile for programming projects. For larger scale things, take a look at the Projects Index on this site.


This site also contains the vast majority of my course notes. It is a organized in a zettlekasten format. To begin exploring, why don’t you check out Nueva Courses Index and Stanford UG Courses Index.


Some friends and I started a small collection of fun internets that we made. Check it out!.

How do I know you are you?

Good question! gpg --locate-keys [email protected]. Note that GPG don’t actually check fingerprints you received so do that yourself (CA0D6B9C1EA1CD08F0AC1802E7EDDE691807A0C6).

Bugga Bugga Bontehu?

Sometimes I use this domain as a downlink to fastcalculator to friends and coworkers. To achieve this, here are two links you could click on that I don’t always promise do anything: oliver and socks.