Houjun Liu

Jonell 2021

# ntj

DOI: 10.3389/fcomp.2021.642633


Developed a kitchen sink of diagnoses tools and correlated it with biomarkers.


The kitchen sink of data collection (phones, tablet, eye tracker, microphone, wristband) and the kitchen sink of noninvasive data imaging, psych, speech assesment, clinical metadata.

Notable Methods

Here’s their kitchen sink

I have no idea why a thermal camera is needed

Key Figs

Here are the features they extracted

Developed the features collected via a method similar to action research, did two passes and refined/added information after preliminary analysis. Figure above also include info about whether or not the measurement was task specific.

and there are the biomarkers and medical data they collected

And then they correlated their kitchen sink with biomarker from the tap

New Concepts