Houjun Liu

Misc. Financial Market Questions

Why so many stock exchanges?

Because the FTC just allows you to make’em as desired.

Why doesn’t the market trade 24 hours a day?

Because the institutional traders can only trade 2 hours a day: the beginning of the day, or the end of the day. Otherwise, there are not enough volume for the institutional traders to be able to trade at their size. See Volume Profile.

What’s a good “full view” of the stock?

  • The order book! You can actually see it by paying money to the exchange.
  • You want to subscribe to every order for every exchange.

How to large traders strategically break stocks?

“How long should I take?”

Why are some Ethernet ports worth a lot more than others?

Some amount of trading (10-20%) is done at light speed. Cable lengths of about a foot change the stock dramatically.