Houjun Liu


NACC is a large, longitudinal dataset for neurodegentitive disease as a project in collaboration with Dr. Alyssa Weakley at UC Davis.

Dr. Alyssa Weakley is interested in

“How early can we detect, using NACC, change?”

dataset construction

  • Participants are given a battery of mental capacity tests, these values are tracked over time
  • There are also family member questionnaire
  • Neuroimaging and biomarker data

Other things tracked in the data—

  • Amyloid levels of spinal fluid
  • Detecting even earlier


  • good to focus on specifically alzheimer’s type dementia
  • (so, ignore things on lewy body disease)
  • Using clinical diagnosis as the dependent variable, but good to see the autopsy results

Items 3 and 7 are independent codes; if alzhimer’s is measured, MCI is not measured. visa versa.