Houjun Liu

New American South

Election between Hayes vs Tildon was very close. Democrats gave Republicans Hayes, but then asked the Republican millitary to leave the South and hence they have no way of enforcing the rights.

Redeemer Governments

Democrats put in systems to relegate African Americans to second-class citizenship into the south. Lynchings became the weapon of choice of enforcing Jim Crow.

  • Within 20 years, Jim Crow became implemented by every state
  • 1896 Plessy vs Ferguson upholding the process of segregation
  • Convict leasing: convicts’ labour was leased to create infrastructure

Economic transformation: put in sharecropping (crops in lieu or in addition to rent) and convict leasing. This is essentially modern slavery because debt is used as a process to enslave people as they will never actually be paid enough to pay back debt.

Push for Civil Rights

“Booker T. Washington”: help promote Southern society will gain equality. Founded the “Tuskegee Institute”.

“W.E.B. Dubois”: make the most talented and artistic people push for civil rights. “Civil rights by copyright.”