Houjun Liu

Project80 Abstract

Natural science education resources traditionally teach only codified theory. While theory education is crucial, much of academic science takes place via scrutinizing contested scientific discourse. Due to such resources’ content complexity, high school students are rarely exposed to current, debatable, and relevant science. In response, we introduce Project80: a systemic, student-run protocol to synthesize the latest primary literature in a sub-field into approachable, produced multimedia educational content. The protocol is run by a team of 7 students over the course of 1 month. Students running the protocol consume complex scientific literature, distill relevant data and findings, and synthesize a culminating product of audiovisual content to supplement existing biology and chemistry pedagogy. The system runs independently with limited faculty involvement. Our analysis indicates that the multimedia content created by this protocol will be relevant to roughly 30 courses locally at our institution and will have further extensions in secondary education beyond.