Houjun Liu

Quantum Group Project

  • Viewing computational linguistics from the length across linear algebra and linear structure
  • Quantum algorithms and the necessary infra were being developed; and in the 2010s programmable quantum computers became showing up

Quantum is done over the complexes, which makes the normal linguistics done with the reals more powerful.

  • want to infer the probability distribution of words based on their letters

    • Linearity breaks down: letter combinations in not commutative; and P(letter C) + P(letter A) != P(letters CA)
  • instead of encoding letters as one-hot vectors; we encode these letters with matrices: adds more dimensions

    • immediate benefits:
      • noncommutivity of matricies is a PLUS
      • words is just the composed results into another 2x2 matricies
      • then, to map into probability distrubtion, we map the matrix into a partial trace


  • create bounds from the problem: letters

  • improve upon optimization scheme in a quantum rhelm

  • implement this scheme on a quantum computer: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1710.10248.pdf

  • task: NTJ reading; come up with the needed novelty