Houjun Liu

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan is a president of the United States. He rises a wave of the New Right.

  • Comes out of Hollywood and was CA governor
  • Reagan was a democrat, but McCarthyism lead him
  • Reagan was an FBI informer for McCarthyism investigations
  • Reagan was the first two-term president since 1961, was able to maintain more power compared to others
  • “The Great Communicator”

Reagan politics

“Government isn’t the solution to the problem, its the problem.”

  • wished for limited politics
  • states rights
  • condemned welfare and “welfare cheats” (the undertone of racist appeal)
  • Evangelical undertones, family values, moral majority
  • Against affirmative action
  • Supply-side economics: “getting rid of taxes will allow more people to spend”
  • Anti-Soviet rhetoric

Creates the largest increase in welfare spending, gutting about $1.5Bn.

Reagan policy changes

  • Lowering taxes: 70% of tax to 28% of taxes
  • Increase defense budget: 1 trillion to 3 trillion
  • Rising inequality, 1% controlled 40% of wealth (double from the 1970s)

Reagan Foreign Policy

Ronald Reagan creates the largest military build-up in history (larger than Korea and Vietnam.)

  • Reasserted Command-in-Chief abilities
  • Creates the National Security Council (for whom the )
  • Comitted the US to supporting the anti-Marxist insurrections around the world
  • Credited with falling the USSR

Supreme Court Interview Process

A new interview process for the supreme court designed by Ronald Reagan, creating an extensive process to vet conservative. Reagan swapped out 50% of the Federal judicial process.

Reagan’s Legacy

  • Inflation dropped

  • USSR Collapse

  • Military complex expanded

  • Incomes rose

  • Inequality widened

  • Welfare slashed

  • Debt

  • Concentrated power in the white house

  • Centralized conservative agenda