Houjun Liu

Russel Howard

Observations from studying the comedian Russel Howard.

  • Stretching analogies
  • Using language/motion/figure do describe something on the opposite end of the spectrum
    • Take, for instance, age: 5Y/O: “cheers mum, wasen’t on my to-do list”
    • A surprisingly sentimental dog: “because when I wake up tomorrow I want to see you, and I want to go for a lovely walk”
  • Large motions + deadpan after
  • Endless extrapolations of a normal setup: setup: Russian hackers were controlling people’s toys; punchline: “5 men were dildo’d to death, we don’t have a recording but here are their final words — ‘oh yeaaah’, ‘oh fuck yeaaah’”

Setup: gweneth paltro Punchline: “put an egg up there, you will feel more femenine. no! you will feel like a chicken”

  • Multiple use of setups: “happy birthday too you”
  • Peach