Houjun Liu

Bluest Eye: secondary source comparison activity

A secondary source comparison activity for the Bluest Eye

Tony Morrison’s Rootedness

That, if an action were to be done as in a community, its regarded as safer

It is a very personal grief and a personal statement done among people you trust. Done within the context of the community, therefore safe.

Public (white-washed) and private image, by necessesity, is separated

it’s just important that it be private. And then, whatever I do that is public can be done seriously.

that people are only defined by the uniqueness they have out of the tribe

My single solitary and individual Jifejs like the lives of the tribe; it differs in these specific ways, but it is a balanced life because it is both solitary and representative

Purpose of the novel is enlightening as well as an art form

It should have something in it that enlightens; something in it that opens the door arid points the way. Something in it that suggests what the conflicts are, what the problems are.

The Novel is a middle class art form

The history of the novel as a form began when there was a new class, a middle class, to read it; it was an art form that they needed.

That there is already a form of artistry for the lower class, but not middle class

The lower classes didn’t need novels at that time because they had an art form already they had songs and dances, and ceremony, and gossip, and celebrations.

novels of manners tell people of a different world

we call 1t the novel of manners, an art form designed to tell peole something they didn’t know.

Portrays quintessential forms of connection

How to get married. What a good living was.

The African Americans became unexclusive

For a long time, the art form that was healing for Black people was music. That music is no longer exclusively ours; we don’t have exclusive rights to it.

That the story of the novel is told where the reader constructs the story together

To construct the dialogue so that it is heard. So that there are no adverbs attached to them: “loudly,” “softly,” “he said menacingly.'

That the artistry is not described as Black but inherently black

Black, because it uses the characteristics of Black art