Houjun Liu

Signal Processing Index

Some Ideas

  • Error Correction Codes
  • Sampling + Quantization
  • Compression Algorithms
  • Frequency Domain Technologies

Two Main Goals

  1. Unit 1: Efficient Representation of Signal (i.e. compression)—we ideally want the smallest sequence of bits to encode the raw signal
  2. Unit 2: Preserving Information of Signal (i.e. communication)—we ideally want to communicate our bits while not sacrificing information despite all communication channels being noisy

Unit 1 outline

  • compress the same exactly information into less space (lossless compression)
    • what is information (probability and entropy)
    • compression and limits of compression (Huffman Coding)
  • removing irrelevant/uninteresting information (lossy compression)
    • key idea: “frequency domain can be aggressively compressed”
    • signals, frequency representation, bandwidth (discrete cosine transform)
    • quantization, sampling, reconstruction (encoding analog signal into digital signal)

Unit 2 outline


Unit 1

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