Houjun Liu


sound is the compression of air molecules: high/low pressure air. “This is your brain on music.”

“Dynamic EQ”: to attenuate certain frequencies to preventing things from happening.

Soothe audio

how we hear sound

the way that sound is deflected as it enter our ear is important:

  1. sound bounce around our pinna
  2. it echos in the ear canal
  3. then it gets processed

anechoic chamber

an anechoic chamber is a room that blocks all forms of reflection. In the room, people experience hallucinations as the brain is trying to complete information but it can’t confirm it using sensory input.

You r brain is always trying to inteperate what’s going on.

Basilar Membrane

The Basilar Membrane sits after the eardrums; it is a liquid in which a membrane + some hair sits. Depending on the frequency of the sound, the hairs vibrate at different shapes.