Houjun Liu

Soviet Perspective on Cold War

Reading notes

Because feeling for self-endowment, they wish to build socialist society

As Communists considered themselves as a vanguard of the revolutionary proletariat – their “aim” was to build socialist society in the whole world.

Socialist had necesity against capitalist aggression

The Soviet approaches towards historical descriptions of the twentieth century showed that with the emergence of the new type of state – socialist one – it became a target for capitalist aggression.

Socialist revolution requires the creation of socialist society against the world

It was first positive move towards realization of the Soviet foreign policy main idea: the world socialist revolution and creation of the socialist society in the whole world.

The Soviets believe that the US wants to take over world

The US had plans to dominate in the entire world.

That the US was intentionally sturggling with socialism

All US post-war foreign policy doctrines were aimed on the struggle with socialism

that soviets believed that US was exclusivly fighting socialism

We can summarize – that on Soviet point of view all American presidents of Cold War period were creating their own doctrines, and all of them were anti-communist and anti-Soviet

Soviets believes that the US made the first move

Soviet concept first vivid steps, which signalized about the start of the confrontation between East and West, were steps made by the West.

believes its a fight against imperialism

bipolar confrontation had western roots and the Cold War was the policy of the US and other imperialistic countries against socialist countries.

communism is working towards revolution

mankind is a process of revolutionary changes

the soviet union believes only it can stop American aggression

the Soviet Union was the only power in the world able to stop American ambitions of superpower.

USSR believes that itself was the only defender

The Soviet Union considered itself as the only defender of the interests of the working class all over the world because it was the first socialist state in history.

Definding US and defending imperialism

The Imperialistic was the system of capitalist countries: they had a lot of contradictions in their “camp” where each wanted to solve their problems and to defend their own interests by using the others.

Black and white view of the world prevailed USSR

The entire world was separated into two main categories: friends and enemies. Such black and white world-view was a distinctive feature of Stalin’s way of seeing the world (outside as well as inside the USSR), but even after his death,