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Stanford UG Talks

<2023-09-20 Wed>UG Research ProgramBrian ThomasStanford UG Research Program
<2023-09-28 Thu>Bld an Ecosystem, Not MonolithColin RaffelBuild a System
<2023-10-05 Thu>Training Helpful CHatbotsNazeen RajaniTraining Helpful Chatbots
<2023-10-26 Thu>AI Intepretability for BioGasper BegusAI Intepretability
<2023-11-02 Thu>PT Transformers on Long SeqsMike LewisPretraining Long Transformers
<2023-11-07 Tue>Transformers!A. VaswaniTransformers
<2023-11-09 Thu>Towards Interactive AgentsJessy LinInteractive Agent
<2023-11-16 Thu>Dissociating Language and ThoughtAnna IvanovaDissociating Language and Thought
<2024-01-11 Thu>Language AgentsKarthik NarasimhanLanguage Agents with Karthik
<2024-02-01 Thu>Pretraining Data
<2024-02-08 Thu>value alignmentBeen KimLM Alignment
<2024-02-15 Thu>model editingPeter HaseKnowledge Editing


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