Houjun Liu

Stanford UG Research Program

Brian Thomas, the research guy. Don’t start research at Autumn Frosh Freshmen Year.

Getting Started

  1. Think about the Institutes (many of them do not have an UG major)
    • Stanford HAI
    • Stanford HCI?
  2. Find faculty
    • Don’t just ask for a job
    • Research the person’s publications and ask some questions about it: TRY TO ASK FOR A OFFICE HOUR MEETING WITH QUESTIONS: “I read your thing, and I would love to talk more about it”
    • (there is coaching from Brian Thomas’s office, and coaching from UAD)
  3. OR, use a program, but still talk
    • HB-ref?
    • CURIS

Stanford’s grant programs can pay for research needs. There will be people talking about grants later. Don’t worry about them. Get to the point where you need money and then figure it out.

The UADs

  • The UADs are PhD+ or Profs
  • They review UG research grants
  • They know the program that are available

In general: talk to UADs (when Kristin is not sick).


  • undergradresearch.stanford.edu
  • Reach out to professors
  • Look into UAD workshops + talk to UADs
  • Find the edges of your textbook/courses (identify “where the trail seems to end”)
  • SURPS: symposium of UG research and public service. Thursday 10/19, 4P. Burnham Pavilion
  • Large groups have “Student Services Officers”, reach out