Houjun Liu

vc thing

  1. Secrets of Silicon Valley - Horowitz
    1. Looking for people who have feel for the problem: people need to believe in the problem
    2. Team: can people come with execution? people that are good at startups which are usually not good at later stage stuff
      1. Buy a startup and kick out the founders
      2. This is very typical
    3. Team and idea are easy to decouple
  2. Vetting problems
    1. Lack of market
    2. Technically insatiability
    3. “Unbelievable stupidity”: calcium is so cheap
    4. Idea goes through many morphs; getting the credit back
  3. People wiling to have a meeting?
  4. Decoupling value proposition

=> iStudio as a service

Random Need: Nueva Alumni Network

Maybe set up a Nueva alumni network? What could we do to facilitate the Nueva alumni network; extraction of mutual value from the next work.

Nueva alumni as a service.

Innovation consultants

Ideas are no longer valuable, which ideas to peruse is better. “helping people along in their relationship with the idea or with each other.” Decoupling solution with the customer with the most value.