Houjun Liu

Wang 2023


Modeling carbon storage operations as a POMDP to show how different monitoring strategies can influence decision quality. Evalutae


Applying POMDP to the task of carbon capture monitor planning.

Notable Methods

POMDP formulation

  • Solver: POMCPOW
  • Reward: trapped, free, and exited Co2
  • Action: injector placement
  • Observation: CO2 saturation
  • Belief: the permeability of the rock

POMDP Solution: particle filter tree.

Experimental design validated by simulations of CO2 sperad through injectors

Fourier Network Simulation

The actual fluid dynamics is really really hard to solve. As such, we do the evaluation over a lot of scenarios and then train a neural network to act as surrogate.

Key Figs

New Concepts