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👋 Howdy, I'm Houjun Liu! I’m a first-year undergraduate student in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University, advised by Prof. Mykel Kochenderfer. I’m broadly interested in Natural Language Processing and Speech Language Sample Analysis; recently, I’ve been digging into 1) building better tools for language and speech processing make state-of-the-art classic NLP tasks accessible and useful 2) designing improved algorithmic approaches to large language model training + decoding to improve multi-hop decisions and conversation tracking and 3) exploring the applications of these models on various applied domains such as dementia and emergency medicine.

Stanford UG Courses Index

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Stanford UG Y1, Aut Decision Making Index Computer Systems Index CS Probability Index Speech Processing Index Stanford UG Y1, Win ODEs Index OS Index POMDPs Index Language Information Index Stanford UG Y1, Spr Optimization Index Rust Systems Index Signal Processing Index NLP Index UG Other Duties Here are a list of random indicies which may end up being helpful! CLRS Index AI Master Class Software Engineering Stanford UG Talks Date Topic Presenter Link <2023-09-20 Wed> UG Research Program Brian Thomas Stanford UG Research Program <2023-09-28 Thu> Bld an Ecosystem, Not Monolith Colin Raffel Build a System <2023-10-05 Thu> Training Helpful CHatbots Nazeen Rajani Training Helpful Chatbots <2023-10-26 Thu> AI Intepretability for Bio Gasper Begus AI Intepretability <2023-11-02 Thu> PT Transformers on Long Seqs Mike Lewis Pretraining Long Transformers <2023-11-07 Tue> Transformers!

Projects Index

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Projects Index is a index that contains a list of almost all projects for which I have ever worked on. Major categories are highlighted from chapter titles. Research Projects I end up doing a lot of research these days, and so have isolated that to a different, academic homepage. For a list of my recent research, please head to my academic homepage. For concision they are NOT repeated here. Large-Scale Endeavors Condution An open-source task management app.

Differential Equations

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A Differential Equation is a function-valued algebreic equation whose unknown is an entire function \(y(x)\), where the equation involves a combination of derivatives $y(x), y’(x), …$. See Differential Equations Index and Uniqueness and Existance

CS Probability Index

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What random variable should I use? Unit 1 core probability, axiom of probability, counting, combination, permutation, DeMorgan’s Law. SU-CS109 SEP272023 SU-CS109 SEP292023 SU-CS109 OCT022023 SU-CS109 OCT042023 SU-CS109 OCT062023 SU-CS109 OCT112023 Unit 2 random variables SU-CS109 OCT092023 SU-CS109 OCT132023 SU-CS109 OCT162023 SU-CS109 OCT182023 Unit 3 inference, General Inference SU-CS109 OCT202023 SU-CS109 OCT232023 SU-CS109 OCT252023 SU-CS109 OCT272023 Unit 4 Beta Distribution, central limit theorem, bootstrapping SU-CS109 NOV012023 SU-CS109 NOV032023 SU-CS109 NOV102023 Unit 5 Apredezahe de machinas: Naive Bayes, logistic regression, deep learning